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August 8, 2022

A popular question investors often ask is whether NOW is a good time to invest. This week, Kent Kramer talks about what is happening in markets now, and in the past, and what investors may want to know.

0:15 – Introduction
0:36 – The Recent Market Environment
1:23 – Expected Returns
4:31 – Plan Based Portfolios
4:56 – Closing Thoughts


July 25, 2022

If you've filled up your vehicle recently, you may have had a pleasant surprise – a decline in the price of gas! Does this mean high inflation is over?

0:15 – Introduction
0:35 – Gas Prices & Inflation
3:05 – Market Updates
3:42 – Economic Forecasts (Beware)
6:05 – Closing Thoughts

This week, Kent Kramer talks about gas prices, inflation, and economic forecasting.


July 11, 2022

With the US stock market in bear market territory as we go into the second half of 2022, you might feel like we're in a bit of a storm. If you've been feeling under prepared, Matt Moklestad walks us through six considerations for times like these.

0:15 – Introduction
1:27 – Market Returns YTD
1:55 – Six Considerations for the Second Half of 2022
3:19 – Closing


June 27, 2022

The economy and markets are a bit like summer car travel/construction. There's a recession and/or a bear market in the rearview mirror, you're in one, or there is one right around the corner.

0:15 – Introduction
1:28 – Current Economy & Markets
4:01 – Bear Markets & Recessions
6:57 – What does this mean for investors?
8:30 – Closing Thoughts

This week, Kent Kramer talks roadtrips and recession.


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